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Lefkas island is one of the group of Ionian Islands,which are located off the west coast of mainland greece & also included in this group is Corfu & Kefalonia.

Lefkas has a great"old charm greece" feel about it, this is due to it retaining the way of life from years gone by a lifestyle that all outsiders admire & enjoy being part of for a couple of weeks each year.

Although Lefkas has an island title, it is joined to the mainland of greece via a 50m long steel swing bridge, for at least 11 months of the year, the other 1 month the year they move in a doubled ended drive on drive off ferry boat, the reason we beleive for this, is that Lefkas still receives its island title hand out from the greek government.

It enjoys holiday makers throughout the summer between May & october, people return year after year to enjoy this beautiful island.

You can still find your own private beach to sunbathe that lazy day away, or you can join the main tourist areas like the magnificent beach of Kathisma on the west coast or the now busy Harbour town of Nidri on the east coast.

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